About Me

Meadbh O’Leary

I am a fully trained and registered Physical Therapist, Manipulative Therapist and Sports Injury Therapist. I also have a number of other qualifications that enhance my means of treatment. Also, I am continuing to study to increase my knowledge and diversify the way in which I can treat particular problems.

Additional qualifications include dry needling/biomedical acupuncture, spinal manipulation, muscle energy techniques, peripheral manipulation, spinal reflex release technique, Stott Pilates, first aid and sports strapping and taping. Using a very hands-on approach, I identify and treat, not only the symptoms but in many cases, the underlying factors that may be causing the problem. Each treatment is specifically designed to suit you and your individual problem.

Since qualifying as a physical therapist in 2010, I have worked and gained invaluable experience in some of the busiest physical therapy and osteopathic clinics in the country. I have worked with numerous sports teams and independent athletes during that time. I have also worked at several marathons and triathlons around the county and just love the buzz and atmosphere that surrounds these events. Currently, I am heavily involved with the Clonakilty Waterfront Marathon and Waterfront Ultra Marathon.

My own history of sport has led to a number of injuries over the years. This, I believe, helps me to empathise with my clients; it also allows me to share my rehabilitation experiences with them. Over the years, I have successfully learned how to manage these injuries and in doing so, ensure that I can maintain the active lifestyle that I want.

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My Studies

My qualifications are from the following institutes:


Irish Institute of Physical Therapy

Registered Member: as a result, I am fully insured and all treatments are covered by VHI, Laya, Aviva Healthcare if the person has the appropriate plan.


American Dry Needling Institute

Dry Needling / Biomedical Acupuncture


Northern Institute of Massage, Manchester

Manipulative Therapy


Northern Institute of Massage

Electrotherapy Qualification


Superspine Inc

Primal Reflex Release Technique


Irish Red Cross

First Aid


Irish Institute of Physical Therapy

Cranial Therapy (Sept. 2013)

Client Testimonials


Having suffered with long term back pain where neither surgery or endless alternative treatments have helped or eased the pain, one weekly session of combined stretching, exercise, deep tissue massage and dry needling, along with sound and practical advice from Meadbh, I am running pain free for the first time in 6 years.



I am delighted with the treatment I received from Meadbh. For years, I suffered with headaches, sinus problems and a stiff neck. With the massage and needles, I have got great relief. I have great movement now and no headaches. I have even found that my sense of smell has improved as the sinuses have cleared. Meadbh gave me some home exercises to do which I find are very good.



18 months ago, I had an accident and I fractured my pelvis. Before I went to Meadbh, I found my muscles were very stiff and sore. I found it very hard to stoop or to pick something up from the floor. I was very stiff when I got up in the morning and it took a long time to get going. Things were getting worse. Now, after 4 treatments, I am able to do a lot more and the morning stiffness is almost gone. I am able to stand up straight again and I can even bend to touch my toes. The exercises that Meadbh gave me have helped a lot.



Before I started physio with Meadbh, I had fallen at home outside my door. I had hurt my left knee, wrists, fingers, and arms and had all aches and pains all over my body. I felt like a 90 year old person. After the first session with Meadbh, I was feeling better. Within a few weeks, I was getting back to normal and back walking. I would recommend anybody who has any type of aches and pains in knees, back or headaches to give Meadbh a try at physio. She is a brilliant person and is so relaxing. She has made me feel 100% well again. Thanks for everything.



In June 2010, I broke two bones in my ankle from falling on it awkwardly one day. After getting it x-rayed I was told I had broken my tibia in one place and was given a boot to wear for one month. On my first check up in Cork, I was told to start putting weight on my leg and gradually start walking with the boot. This I could not do as the pain was excruciating. Three weeks later, I returned to the hospital for another check-up and had another x-ray taken. To my dismay, I was told that my fibula was crushed also and they did not spot this in my original examination.
After 8 weeks in the boot, I started to slowly walk. I attended physio in Cork and Clonakilty but the limp persisted. I then went to visit Meadbh O’Leary in Caring Hands, Skibbereen. She worked on the whole leg and gave me some exercises to do. I had four consecutive treatments and I saw an instant improvement in my walk and gradually my limp went completely.
I highly recommend Meadbh O’Leary for any muscular treatment and I consider her to be a highly skilled therapist.



I had been struggling to shake off a lower back injury which had resulted in me experiencing a lot of stiffness and loss of flexibility in that area. I had also suffered an attack of sciatica from the same injury. This had been very painful and left me with a lot of soreness and tenderness down through the muscles in my leg.
Meadbh performed a combination of dry needle therapy and cranial therapy on my back and leg over the course of a number of weeks. I found this treatment to be very effective as it greatly reduced the symptoms I had experienced.
She also provided me with a program of exercises and stretches which were designed to strengthen my lower back and core region. I can say that this program has been of immense benefit to me as I am now feeling a lot stronger in this area. Meadbh is an excellent therapist with a tremendous passion for her job and I am very grateful to her for the treatment she provided.